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David Loyd is a USAF retired veteran, with 25 years in the weather career field and 20 of those years providing weather support to the  US Army. Thus the rather unconventional name “Weather Guy Art”...because for most of his adult life he was known as the weather guy. 


David retired in late 2010, following deployments to Afghanistan (2003), Iraq (2006); and multiple Texas deployments for hurricane support. In 2012, David became an Aerospace Science Instructor teaching Junior ROTC at a local high school. .


He was inspired to try painting in August 2016 by the artwork of a friend, an abstract painter living in Austin.  He found the process cathartic and it often helped him sleep and deal with dark days.


His wife sees a combat zone metaphor in many of the paintings. This kind of feedback is what David loves most about his artwork; hearing what others see in each canvas. Whatever the viewer sees, there will always be recurring themes of hope and great beauty even in the midst of strife and struggle. Or the promise of new beginnings in a glorious sunrise. 


The greatest satisfaction for David is knowing someone identifies and loves something in a painting and wishes to purchase it for themselves. That is one reason the paintings are so reasonably priced; so that no one is priced out of buying something they will love and enjoy for years to come.

To purchase any of these pieces, please contact David at 512-994-7061 or email

The exhibit will be featured in the library until May 31st.

All artwork is copyrighted. Reproduction of this material without express permission from the artist is prohibited by law.

Weather Guy Art Exibit