Thoughts On What It Takes To Build A Library

The following post was placed on our Facebook page a couple of days ago, so I thought it'd be a great idea to post it here as well. Enjoy!

Many people have asked the Library’s Board of Directors, what it will take to bring a public library to Jarrell, Texas. You probably wouldn’t be surprised by what we tell you. In fact, one of our Jarrell ISD students wrote an essay on just that topic. Here’s what he wrote:

What is a place filled with joy, entertainment, and peace? A community beaming with life, where you could relax with your cup of coffee enjoying a nice delicate delicious pastry. This is a kind of place we need in Jarrell, and this pace is called a library. A library is a good, friendly neighborhood where wonders can happen, souls can be felt, and be transformed into that of others. Who hasn’t ever wished that they could be someone else? This building could help students academically, give them a place to hang out or relax, and give them some skills needed for the basic essential human everyday life such as a healthy lifestyle.

This magical place could potentially impact the lives of the people in Jarrell. It gives students a place to find some peace and quiet, which could end up being valuable study time. Studies by the OEDb(open education database) have shown that reading increases vocabulary, enhances fine motor and critical thinking skills, develops the brain, and expands creativity. As the student studies quietly by themselves or with a friend, they have easy access to information that is true and not written by a biased person who wants their voice to be heard. Information that is always true and does not need to be filtered through, can be found in the nonfiction section instead of having to search multiple websites from the internet. The books full of pages around them are sitting, waiting to be turned open to give their knowledge to you.

Not all libraries are about books, yet that is immediately what most people think of when the word ‘library’ is mentioned. They think of rows and rows of books upon endless shelves untouched, but by those who have no life. To see how many high school students would ever attend a library once, a self-survey taken at random showed that 43% of 60 said yes, that they would go at least once or twice, and some even asked if there was a library in Jarrell. Adults and kids, not just students, can come to hang out with a drink and snack in a great enjoyable environment.

People love it when things are made easier for them so why is reading so hard? Science has proven that those who read regularly are 2 ½ times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease when they grow older. Also it helps people have better comprehension and understanding of things. A study done by lead researcher Anne Mangen of Norway’s Stavaner University has found that the memory of people studied who have read a short mystery story, those that read the good ol’ paper back remembered the order of events better than those that read electronically on a Kindle. It was also concluded that, “The haptic and tactile feedback of a Kindle does not provide the same support for mental reconstruction of a story as a print pocket book does.” They figured out that our brains tracked the contents of the book to what is considered a ‘mental representation’ of the text based on the placement of the words on the pages in the book. Our brain can not do this with electronic books due to the fact of them being just scrolling down continuously. When reading, the sensory offload of the turning of pages lets you get the sense and feeling of the progression within the story.

Even though there are all these pros for a future library there are sadly, however, cons. For instance the economic expenditure for building a library is roughly $6.5 million for a 22,000 sq. foot, two-story building according to Ratio Architects Inc. But being a public library, it will rely on the tax paying citizens of Jarrell as its’ source of income while the rest would be funded by the government. Even knowing the cost, your child is protected in a family fun environment that you are helping make possible is worth it!

A library is a wonderful spot in the local town for citizens to come and enjoy themselves. It has an overwhelming atmosphere of laughter and excitement to bring joy to all people. Even though it might be a little strain on the overall expense of Jarrell, it helps students have a better healthy life, gives them a place of no worries, and helps them achieve academic success along the way. So now it is up to you to see whether or not you think it is worth it for the extra bit of money. What is it worth to find a place where you know your child is safe in one of the most friendliest of communities and perhaps learn something while they’re there?

John F.

Class of 2020


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