Jarrell Community Library is currently funded through donations the City of Jarrell and volunteer efforts. We are actively seeking accreditation, an important step for a new library. We have met or will meet all of the requirements before the end of the year, with the exception of the minimal amount of funding that is required from a local government entity. The Jarrell City Council has approved funding, contingent upon getting signatures from residents of the City on a petition showing that they are in support of this effort and our library. 

We are excited to announce we are officially Accredited by TLSAC!  Soon we will be sharing access with Texshare with our patrons.

Accreditation Standards - Secretary of State


Q: What are the benefits of gaining accreditation?

A: It will allow us to apply for a broader range of grants that in turn will allow us to offer more programs to the community. It will also provide us with the opportunity to participate in a library share program which means that almost any title will be available to our patrons whether we have it in our own collection or not. Lastly it will legitimize our organization and provide a necessary service to our community.

Q: Why does money have to come from the City? Can’t you get it from donations?

A: We have come a long way operating solely through donations and volunteer efforts. We do have the option to request additional assistance from either the County or the School District. We have chosen to work with the City on this project as our residents have a bigger vested interest in the benefits of having a local library.

Q: What sort of services and programs are offered by the library?

A: We have a collection of approximately 10,000 titles that can be checked out. But libraries are so much more than books. We offer enrichment through our programs and events that currently include Story Time, Craft Time, Summer Reading Program, ESL classes and more. We also provide complimentary internet access, computers and printers for public use. At JCL, our goal is to offer programs that satisfy the needs of every age group, socio-economic status, and learning abilities, acting as a bridge between the various residential developments that exist here.

Q: Why is a library important to a community? Can’t people just read their Kindles?

A: A recent study by indicates the following:

  • Rural libraries foster a sense of “community member belonging, connection and mutual support”

  • Cities with rural libraries correlate to an improved quality of life and multi-dimensional social wellbeing

  • Rural school districts with public libraries boast higher student achievement scores and graduation rates

  • Census tracts with libraries bring rising rural mortality in line with the national average or an additional 6 months of life

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Q: Why isn’t Sonterra on this list?

A: Sonterra is not actually within the Jarrell City Limits. It is governed by the County and the Sonterra MUD District.

Q: How many Sonterra residents vs. City of Jarrell residents utilize the library?

A: The majority of our cardholder base is made up of Sonterra residents. However, 32% of our cardholder base is made up of the City of Jarrell residents.

Q: What is the Sonterra MUD doing to assist the Library?

A: Since September of 2018 we have occupied the Sonterra MUD building rent-free. This equates to an annual in-kind donation of $10,000. This has been invaluable in allowing us to operate in our community. However, the MUD is not an organization that qualifies as a funding entity for the purposes of gaining accreditation.

Q: Where is the money coming from?

A: Funding would come from a small portion of our property taxes and equates to less than $10 per household annually. This does not mean that your taxes will increase. Your signature shows that you support having our property taxes allocated in this manner.

Q: How do I sign?

A: Volunteers will be canvassing your neighborhoods in the next few weeks. We know that not everyone may be home when we do this, so if you contact us at asking to sign, we will make an appointment with you. Just tell us in your email what your address is and when you would like us to come. Or you can come in to sign the petition at the library.

Q: Who can I contact with my concerns?

A: You can contact us at the library at