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Make a Monetary Donation

Help Us Soar

Our goal is to make the Library a community resource center, instead of just a place to read books.

According to a Forbes report, it allows individuals to “find work, apply to college, secure government benefits, and learn about critical medical treatments.”

We are asking for a monetary commitment for operating costs, and ask that you consider helping us institute a more long-term solution, that the entire community will benefit from. This effort would undoubtedly, prove to inspire other small towns across America, and help to set the model for citizen engagement and motivation.


Book Donations

The Jarrell Community Library accepts printed and audiovisual donations using these set guidelines:


  • The selection process is under the direction of the Library Director {and/or} their representative.

  • Materials not accepted include but are not limited to material that is:

    • Extremely dirty

    • Moldy

    • Burnt

    • Water damaged

    • Damaged binding or pages

    • Excessive writing, drawing, or highlighting

    • Missing pages or cutouts

  • Printed Material not accepted include:

    • Any type of condensed book {example Reader Digest Condensed Books}

    • Encyclopedias

    • Magazines older than six months with a few exceptions

    • Workbooks, textbooks, and study guides older than five years or that meet one of the above materials not accepted

    • Advance reading copies or uncorrected proofs

  • The above policy covers only printed and audiovisual materials. Once donated the donation becomes the property of the library.

  • How the material is used will be at the direction of the Library Director or their representative.

  • The library will give receipts and tax deductible forms upon request. However, the value of the donations must be determined by those making the donation.

Please call the library at (512) 541-1036 for current donation information.


Policies for other types of donations are still being finalized and prepared.


Partner with Us

Show Your Support


Your support in our efforts has allowed us to bring a library to the community of Jarrell and will help to build a platform of success for the entire area. Whether your donation is big or small, we value having you on our team and welcome your expertise in helping us obtain our goal. Send us an email letting us know your skills and abilities, or willingness to help, and we WILL give you a call!


Contact us today and start getting involved.

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