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Our History

It was the summer of 2014 when Hayley Warren, a fourth grader at Jarrell Elementary School wrote a letter to the City Council telling them about the need for a local library. She had a love for books and didn’t feel her family should have to drive to Georgetown so that she could get the books she wanted to read. She said that “we need books to study or use our imagination. And it’s not just for kids; adults can enjoy reading and learning as well.

On November 10, 2014 Hayley was joined by her family and community leaders at the Schwertner State Bank to officially open a bank account with $1,000; funds she raised to start our library.

Over the next 5 years the library became a registered non-profit and created a board of directors. Volunteers worked countless hours soliciting book and furniture donations, creating infrastructure and holding fundraisers in order to make Hayley’s dream a reality.

With the generosity of the Sonterra MUD, the library was allowed to move into their empty building in 2018. Then it was time for the daunting task of sorting through all the book donations which filled 2 storage units. More time was spent transporting the books, evaluating them for shelf readiness, cataloguing, labeling and shelving the books.

We opened our doors in May of 2019. It wasn’t always easy. There was definitely some blood, sweat and tears expended to get where we are today. But through the passion and dedication of some great volunteers, we were able to bring the community a place where students could study, seniors could socialize, kids could be introduced to fun stories and crafts, and adults could learn new skills.

Where we are today

Well we survived the Coronavirus pandemic. While we had to briefly close our doors, we used our time to get computers set up for our patron’s use. We were awarded grants that will allow us to expand our programs and services, in addition to updating and expanding our collection.

Today we are fully open and are starting up our summer schedule of events.  Patrons can look forward to a robust Summer Reading program, story time for the younger children, a teen program, ESL classes, art classes and crocheting classes.

We have over 10,000 items, including books, CD’s DVD’s, magazines, large print books and audio books in our collection and offer copying services as well as research assistance.

What is in our future

As our community continues to grow, we will grow as well, both in our collection and services offered. Our vision is to become the cornerstone of the community bringing residents from both sides of I35 together. We will be a safe place where our children can participate in enriching and fun activities.

We hope to gain accreditation within the next 2 years which will give us the ability to qualify for more grants. It will also allow us to participate in an inter-library loan program which will expand our collection exponentially. In order to reach this goal, we must have the support of the Jarrell City Council.

Someday we hope to acquire a book mobile that will allow us to reach those that are unable to visit the library in person.

As our small town faces the rapid growth we are experiencing, there are so many opportunities to shape our community and make it a better place for everyone. Working with the library is a great way to be a part of defining our future. We are always looking for volunteers to take us to the next level. Contact us today if you want to make your mark on this vibrant, compassionate, up and coming region.

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